Roofing Qualifications

For roofing installers, there are seven (7) NZQA Roofing National Certificates representing the main roofing systems installed in New Zealand.

Roofers can qualify in any one or more of the seven strands available.

1.   Metal Roofing & Cladding

2.   Metal Tile Roofing

3.   Concrete Tile Roofing

4.   Membrane Roofing

5.  Torch-on Membrane Roofing

6.   Liquid Membrane Roofing

7.   Slate & Shingle Roofing

An additional optional strand is available for Translucent Roofing.

Additional advanced career path qualifications are planned for development over time, ensuring roofing has a clearly defined pathway for those keen to advance their career in the industry.

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